How Can I Explain Covid-19 To My Child?

As the Covid-19 Pandemic continues, parents may be struggling to explain Coronavirus and Covid-19 to their young...
June 30, 2020 19:31

List of Mental Health Professionals in India

Finding a mental health practitioner can be quite a challenge. While you can search on aggregator platforms, they often...
June 17, 2020 20:12

Fragrance of a Wild Soul - Ruby Ahluwalia

Rama Sivaram, a breast cancer survivor and now a passionate patient advocate reviews Ruby Ahluwalia;s book - Fragrance...
June 01, 2020 19:29

Destination Unknown: My Journey with Parkinsons by Rajeev Gupta

For the reader, the carer, the person with Parkinsons, this book could not be closer to the bone and more helpful to...
May 24, 2020 20:40

The Dogs Were Rescued And So was I - Teresa Rhyne

The cancer journeys of the author Teresa Thyne and her dogs intertwine in this heart warming and funny tale. Shital...
May 20, 2020 20:29

HCQS Supply options in India

This resource is only to support handling of shortages of HCQS. If you have other sources, please contact us here. or...
April 13, 2020 18:53

Books That Explain Cancer To Children

One of the biggest challenges is helping children understand if a child or a family member has a cancer diagnosis. Here...
March 18, 2020 19:43

Milk Bank Services

A Milk bank is as the name denotes a bank for human milk. This bank is a facility where breast milk donated by...
January 03, 2020 19:00

Handbook On Menstrual Management and Hygiene for Women with Disabilities

Abha Khetarpal felt very strongly about how women with disability do not have access to the basic information on...
October 01, 2019 19:31

Breast Self Examination Handbook For Disabled Women - English and Hindi

Abha Khetarpal felt very strongly about how women with disability do not get the same level of healthcare and and are...
September 29, 2019 19:55