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Find The Lupus Management Protocol That Is Right For You

Ishita Biswas has Lupus (SLE) and Macrophage Activation Syndrome (MAS) and shares with us how she deals with the...
A woman in black and pink on a wheelchair in an outdoor setting

I Felt Most Challenged When Lupus Affected My Spine

Priya Bhargava was affected by Lupus as a teenager and had multiple disabilities. Yet she fought bravely and pushed...
A young woman in a red dress standing next to a palm frond

"Lupus Does Not Define Me"

At 20, Ishita Biswas, a Lupus patient, has been through a lot of pain and medication. She has also had to battle the...
A smiling black haired young woman with Lupus in a mauve coloured hospital gown

"Do Not Let Lupus Limit You!"

Shambhavi Chaudhary is a strong, young woman who refuses to be bogged down by Lupus, a rather inexplicable autoimmune...
A young woman, spectacled, shoulder length hair in a red dress in the foreground and holding a glass of wine. In the background are a few tables and blurred images of 2 people in blue shirt and green tshirt pulling chairs

My Relationship with an Invisible Illness

Suzanne Sangi is a 22-year-old who was recently diagnosed with Lupus, a chronic illness, which damages many parts of...
Image of Gopa a black haired woman looking at the camera, living with Lupus in Mumbai, India

If You Stop Focussing On The Pain, It Gets Easier

Gopa, 49 from Mumbai was diagnosed with Lupus Nephritis soon after her breast cancer treatment ended. She shares the...