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parkinson disease
A young woman in the foreground in a white t-shirt talking into a mic

I Rediscovered Myself When I Publicly Accepted My Parkinsons

Dr Shanthipriya, 45 is a YOPD warrior and consultant ophthalmologist. Devastated when diagnosed with early Parkinson’s...
Major Fonseca in a white tshirt and black and grey striped sweater and Mrs Fonseca in a purple and white top

Parkinson's Changes The Life Of The Caregiver Too

While Parkinson's Disease affects the person who has been affected by the condition, it also changes the role of the...
Two juxtaposed images of Parkinsons Patient Mr Zend Merwan Zend in a light shirt

Humans Of Parkinsons story - Mr. Zend Merwan Zend

A grandchild remembers grandpa Zend Merwan Zend and how the progression of  Parkinson's Disease affected the man,...
Image: Black and white pic of Marianne's parents as a young couple - mom on the left and dad on the right

Parkinson’s Robbed Their Soul And Spirit

Marianne de Nazareth recounts how traumatic it has been to see both her parents suffer from Parkinson’s and how the...
Image of an older silver haired person thinking and a younger dark haired person in a blue shirt and white t-shirt sitting next to him and debating whether to share or not about Parkinson's Disease diagnosis

To Share or Not to Share - A Patient’s Dilemma

Rajeev, 56 has been diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease but is unsure of the reaction he will receive if he shares his...
Mr Dugar, bespectacled man with black hair holding a mike sharing tips on improving quality of life with Parkinsons

"If I Can Change, So Can Others"

Sudha Meiyappan, founder of Parivarthan, shares Mr. Sagarmal Dugar's conscious approach to Parkinson's and to his life...
Image; Shaila Bhagwat, who has Parkinson's Disease in a blue dress at a restaurant with plates of desserts in front of her

I Am Doing All I Can To Avoid Being Bedridden

Shaila Bhagwat, 67 has Parkinson's which affects her right-side. She makes every effort to remain independent and self-...
Image: Mr. Ramesh Thakkar who Has Parkinson's Disease with a spectacle framing his face and seated in a room

I Fought Hard to Save my Voice

Sometimes willpower can knock out even health adversities. As in the case of 72-year-old Rajendra M Thakkar, retired...
Image: A man facing the camera in a green outdoor setting, wearing sunglasses, travelling after Deep Brain Stimulation surgery

Belief In The Process And Faith In The Doctors Helped Me Overcome My Fear

Mr Hari Prasad, who underwent the Deep Brain Stimulation operation about 3 years back to stall growing symptoms of...
Sangeeta reliving memories with her father with Parkinson's

It Was Cathartic and Fun To Relive Old Memories

Talking and writing about health related experiences is still not common in Asia.  This International Women’s Day...