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Mausumi, a dark haired woman on the right with her mother, a person with dementia on the left. Mother is wearing specs and  a bindi on her forehead and you can see the blue and white sari draped around her shoulders

Patience And Innovation Are The Most Important Attributes Of A Caregiver For Persons With Dementia

Mausumi Ghosh from Mumbai talks about the travails of taking care of her mother, 77 who suffers from dementia in...
Stock pic showing Knee Pain

Slowing Down to Speed Up Wellbeing

Kajal* had been active and careful about her lifestyle. When she experienced weight loss and started having knee pain...
Profile picture of Gita Kantawala

I Should Have Gone For A Second Opinion

Gita Kantawala, 72 from Mumbai had a complete knee replacement of left knee preceded by arthroscopy due to a meniscus...