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Personal Voices

Image: Left to Right. On the Left is Harshita the mom in a red dress, in the center is Sahil in a pink T Shirt and the on the right is the father in a green shirt

We Changed Schools Again and Again To Give My Son Better Options

Changing schools is a difficult choice and one not made lightly. But 20 year old Sahil’s educational journey made him...
Tanmay is a young adult on the autism spectrum and is wearing a black tshirt and a hat  and sunglasses and sitting outdoors on a green chair

Managing the Double A - Autism and Adolescence

An autism dad’s honest story of managing adoloescence and puberty with a positive attitude. Journalist Bhanu Pande...
Image: Anirudh, autistic young man sitting in a checked shirt and sitting on a green sofa and a green background

"Parents: Do Not Judge Or Assume Your Child's Capability Without Trying."

Anirudh Hattangadi is a 34 year old adult on the autism spectrum who works as an analyst, drives a four wheeler and...
Image: Autistic adult Pranav in a suit with his mother in a red sari and gold border

"Give Feedback in a Polite Manner, Don't Criticize in Public"

Pranav Kumar Rajgopal lives on the Autism Spectrum and works as a Business Analyst. Read his interview with...
Image: Roshan Orko Roy sitting on a sofa

I Like It When People Share a Place With Everyone (Video Interview)

Roshan (Orko) Roy overcame his motor control challenges to become an acclaimed artist with his own unique style. His...
Image: Adithya Venkatesh, autistic music prodigy in a red kurta on stage playing Carnatic music on his keyboard

I Want To Be A Big Musician (Audio Interview)

Adithya Venkatesh, 18, from Bengaluru, is considered a music prodigy. He plays Carnatic music on the keyboard and...
Image: Preksha, autistic woman, in a red dress against a background of pink flamingoes

Running Is My Passion

Preksha Rajendra, 27, is on the autism spectrum, lives in Bengaluru, works as a developer, remembers car numbers and...
Image: Pranav, young autistic person on a boat in a river

I Want To Walk The Ramp (Video Interview)

Pranav Bakhshi, 17 lives in New Delhi and has a diagnosis of Autism. In a video interview he shares his likes, his...
Image: Roshnee, an autistic girl in a blue dress with a painting in the background

I Know and Remember Many Songs

Roshnee, 17, has autism and with the support of her family, she is learning to explore her potential in singing,...
Image: Bharat in a blue kurta and Viraj in a light shirt together against an outdoor setting. Both are diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome and work in development in SAP Labs

Autistic and Proud of Living Independently

It is not common for people on the autism spectrum to live on their own, but Bharat Subramanian and Viraj Bhat have...